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We're Going To Make It As Easy As Reading An Email, Even If You Have Zero Experience Or Are So Sick Of Losing Money That You Feel Like Giving Up

It may sound too good to be true, but in the next few minutes (that's all  it'll take) we'll prove it's every bit as easy as we say it is. With our revolutionary new software...

You'll never have to "find" a good trade again


You can be confident when you get in your trades, AND when you get out


You can live your life and stack up the profits without chaining yourself to a computer and watching charts paint

Our new software almost makes it hard to fail! Losses are inevitable, but  they don't matter when your gains make those losses look tiny. Sound  impossible? Then absorb every word of this page as we show just how easy this can be...


From: Steven Lee Jones

Dear Fellow Forex Trader,
Unless you’ve been on another planet, you’ve probably heard of global currency markets.
These are the markets where traders buy and sell U.S. Dollars, Japanese Yen,  British Pounds, and every other currency from around the world. It’s  called the forex market, short for foreign exchange.
Literally billions of dollars trade hands every single day.
We're going to show you how you can take your slice of that pie, which might be small compared to all the money that changes hands, but can radically change your life.
It’s shockingly easy to do this if one thing is true...

You Have To Know What You're Doing


Do you see the problem?
Most people who are new to forex trading know barely more about it than we just told you.
Most people who think they understand forex trading pretty well usually  don’t, which is why their results are awful and they’re losing shocking  amounts of money as they try to stumble their way to success.
Now here’s the shocking statement…
We're going to explain exactly how to make a mint  in the forex market without having to study for years, lose a ton of  money or spend the rest of your life staring at your computer screen to  make sense of a hundred different indicators.
We don’t care if you’re frustrated out of your mind with forex, or if it all sounds like Greek.
That may sound too good to be true right this minute, and that’s okay. If  you’ll just listen to what we have to say, it’ll all make sense in the  end.
And it’s very important that it will make sense, because...
Without Forex, You Might Be Sunk
If you’re not grabbing at least a small slice of the huge forex market pie for yourself on a regular basis, you’re missing out on one of the single biggest profit bonanzas the world has ever seen, and probably ever will see.
Think you’ll retire on your savings? Not if inflation makes your money pile  worthless, and that’s the way the world economy is going.
If you want to keep up, you need to be able to pile your cash pretty deep... which is exactly what forex lets you do.
There’s really no better money-making opportunity out there. So you need to get involved with forex, but there’s a huge barrier that stands in the way of most people who ever try.
The Massive Barrier In Your Path
You won’t hear the system sellers or robot sellers talk about this very much, because frankly, it makes them look bad.
The barrier has three parts.
First, most trading systems are crazy hard. You’d need a brain the size of the moon to have a chance of  understanding what’s going on, and to be honest, in the heat of trading  battle, you can’t juggle something complicated and make consistent  profits.
In other words, most trading systems are impossible for real people to use, at least if they want any kind of life.
Second, even if you could use those systems, they aren’t profitable enough.
They don’t find enough trades to give you a fighting chance in the first  place. And they also don’t give you healthy gains when they do find a  winner.
But both of those things pale in comparison to the third part of the forex barrier…
With most systems, the risk management stinks.
That doesn’t mean you won’t ever make money. Unless a system is completely  useless, you’ll have some winners. But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The problem is, you’ll have big losses as well, which  wipes out the gains you made on the trades that worked well.
If that’s how you’re going to trade, you shouldn’t do it. You’ll lose huge amounts of money that way, end up frustrated and suffer in your life for having tried.
Are You Shooting Your Own Foot?
There’s a smarter way.
The funny thing is, most people who try to get into forex shoot themselves in the foot right from the start.
They look for some kind of lottery trading method that’s going to make them  rich overnight. They worry about making big gains, and they don’t even  think about managing risk. But that’s like going skydiving without putting on a parachute. It’s insane.
And here’s where most traders make a big mistake, after they lose a lot of money chasing the dream.
Most traders usually respond to huge losses by trying to get smarter. They  look for the perfect trading method that protects them from all risk  by... wait for it... being complicated. They figure the more stuff their method has in it, whether it’s indicators they look at or steps they  take, the greater their chances of success.
Wrong. Disastrously wrong. And extremely expensive in the long run.
It's As Plain As The Nose On Your Face... And Your Trading Account Balance
The real problem here is that people are completely ignoring the obvious.  The real solution to the forex trading problem is this:
  • You need a system that manages risk well. This is vitally important. Like I said, if you have a winning trade and then lose two or three times as much on your next trade, that’s not a recipe for having a better life. That’s a plan to go bankrupt.


  • You need a complete but simple system. It won’t do you any good if you grab some parts from over here, some other parts from over there, and then be smart enough to weave them together into a system that somehow works like magic. You need a system that you can use right out of the box.


  • You need a system based on technical analysis. Look, fundamental analysis is fine, but to be blunt, if that’s how you try to trade forex, you’ll lose your shirt. Forex is about currency movement, which happens in the short term, and isn’t based on much fundamentals at all. It’s mostly based on trends and momentum.


  • Your system has to take very little time. We're talking about a system that takes just minutes a day, and won’t require you to be chained to your computer every minute the market is open.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to see what all of that is adding up to.

This All Adds Up To... Software!

We're not talking about trading robots that trade for you automatically —  although a robot can be great if it’s based on a great system that will  work over the long term.
No, what we're talking about is software that implements a killer system that works now and will keep working well in the future.
The software uses the system to find trades for you, and tells you when the trades are available. Then you can trade if you choose to, or stay on the sidelines if you want.
That’s the level of automation we're talking about. It’s letting you use a great system without having to sweat to use it.
Imagine doing math by writing out the problem on a piece of paper with a  pencil, versus using a calculator. The calculator implements the system, but it makes it drop-dead easy for you to use that system without  spending a ton of extra time on the grunt work.
The good news is that we’re going to give you the exact tool you need...

Forex Profit Launcher: The Easy, Painless Way To Make A Forex Killing
It's software, and we'll tell you more about it in a minute. But what you  definitely need to understand before we do that is that this software is based on a system that works like gangbusters. It’s not just a cool toy that shows you pretty pictures.
We’ve used this system ourselves to build a solid record of almost 83% profitable trades over 12 months.
That’s jaw-dropping, and it should give you confidence that our software is  the real thing, based on a system that produces consistently profitable  trades, and consistently small losses.
No system will ever eliminate losses entirely. Losses are just a natural part of trading. But our system keeps you from getting wiped out when a loss comes along. You live to trade another day.
Before we get into the details, you should also know that Forex Profit Launcher doesn’t require you to be a genius.
In fact, as crazy as this might sound, you don’t even have to know much about forex at all. If you’ve followed along with us so far, you already know as much about forex as you need to know.
Why? Because...
We've Built All Of The Learning Into The Code
Yes, it’s based on a system that works, but you can start using Forex Profit Launcher without even knowing the system.
If that makes you nervous, no problem. Try it out on a demo account first and prove the system works for you. Then you have confidence that you  don’t need to know all of the deep details if you don’t want to.
Okay, let’s dig into how Forex Profit Launcher works...
It Takes Just A Few Minutes To Install
First, it takes only a few minutes to install everything you need. You’ll need a free trading platform, which we’ll show you how to get,  and then you’ll install Forex Profit Launcher on top of that.
Don’t let this scare you. If you can change channels on your television, you can do this. It literally takes a few minutes, start to finish. That’s how powerful  this totally new, and we think revolutionary, software is.
Once you have the software installed, you’re going to be shocked at how simple it is to use.
You really don’t have to do much at all. You don’t even have to watch the market. The software does that for you.
Like we said before, it doesn’t trade for you, but it does find great trades for you. It’s almost like having your own electronic  broker out there looking for great trades, but not charging you any  money for the service.
When it finds a trade that fits the Forex  Profit Launcher system perfectly, the software tells you about it.  You’ll get a notice on your computer screen, and in an email.
That means you’ll know the instant the software finds a trade, and you can do that trade if you want to. It’s your choice, always under your control.
It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you can either see your computer or receive an email, you’re all set.
No More Sweating Over How To Trade, Or Whether You've Found A Winner!
You don’t have to sweat bullets wondering if you’ve found a trade that’s likely to make a hefty profit. The software did all of that work!
You also don’t have to wonder when to put on that trade. The software tells you straight up.
That means you can trade without emotion. You won’t be swayed because of  what the market is doing, or by some talking head giving you advice. The software just finds trades and tells you about them.
The only decision you have to make is whether or not to execute the trade when the software tells you about it.
But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re in a trade, you don’t have to worry  about being pushed around by emotions at that point either. That’s  because Forex Profit Launcher tells you exactly when to get out! It’ll watch your trade for you and send you another automatic notification when it’s time to leave.
Look, one of the biggest challenges for most traders is knowing how to take a profit. We can tell you all kinds of stories about people who stay in  losing trades too long and dig a deep hole, or stay in a profitable  trade too long and watch it swing to a loss.
You don’t have to  worry about any of that. Forex Profit Launcher tells you exactly when to leave, without emotion, without question.
If you can read an email, then you can do this. All you have to do is follow instructions to see profits 83% of the time.
We're sure that sounds too good to be true, so let me emphasize something...
No System's Perfect...But You Truly Don't Care
No system is perfect, so you’ll definitely have some losses. But think  about some simple math. Suppose you do 10 trades and make $2,500. In  there somewhere was a loss of $250. Do you care?
No way! What counts is the profit that’s left over, and when your losses are small  and you’re making a profit 83% of the time, the math works great. Here's how good it can be...

Forex Profit Launcher told us to enter the trade . We didn’t have to figure  that out—the software did it and just sent us a signal.
Then software gave us notice to close the trade. Again, we barely had to pay attention.
In the end, we made $23,100 profit from only one trade without really having to do  anything except follow the instructions we got automatically from our  software.

That wasn’t a fluke either. We didn’t just catch a lucky break. We’ve had hundreds of similar trades. Some make more, some make less, and there are few losses in there too. But the end result is a hefty overall profit.

As you can see, one trade probably won’t replace your entire income, but the math is pretty compelling, isn’t it?

Suppose you did a few trades  like that every month. That might very well add up to more than you’re  making from your job right now. And there are trades like that all time!

Not every trade will be a  jackpot like that one, but that really doesn’t matter. What counts is  that you’re consistently making profits, and those profits add up over  time.

We actually don’t expect you to  believe us. We recommend that you use Forex Profit Launcher with a demo  account first, to paper trade and see what kind of results you get for  yourself. We think you’ll love the results and be itching to trade with  real money.

The reason is simple…  because you can be making profits on a consistent basis. That makes  trading, for lack of a better way to say it, fun. Can you make money?  Only if the market is open, and it’s open a lot.
Here’s another two trades...


Forex Profit Launcher told us to enter the  trade, so we followed instructions and did just that. Shortly after, the software told us to sell and we did. Then the software told us to enter another trade, and then exit for a second profitable time.
We made $17,790 from two trades, all without even breaking a sweat once. That’s how powerful this software is.
Here’s another two trades that we did:
That’s another $32,577 from two simple trades.
Do you see how the profits can stack up? It gets a little silly.
Let’s say you do five trades  like that in a single month. There will probably be lots more than that  available, but let’s say the software tells you about those five and you can take just a few minutes to do those trades in a way that fits  whatever your life schedule is.
That means you’ll end up with $73,467 profit for the month.
So do the math for yourself.  Take your current income, figure out what you make in a month, then  multiply by 12. That’s your annual income.
Now compare that to the profit you can make in a year doing five forex trades every month when Forex  Profit Launcher tells you to. Can you retire yet?
The most amazing part of all  of this is that you don’t need to know anything at all about forex,  except that you’re allowed to trade it. The software tells you what to  do, and you just enter and exit the trades.
Those mechanical steps are  drop-dead easy, so there’s pretty much nothing to worry about. Can you  get cash out of the ATM? Then you can trade forex.
Just so you can see the honest potential of this, here’s a smaller trade we did:
Not as much profit there, but  still pretty good. We still made $9,950 from one trade. Remember,  though, what counts is how the profits add up over time. That’s what can change your life.
Are you excited yet? Here's some even better news...
We'll Give You More Than Just The Software
You’ll also get the complete system manual that reveals the exact system the Forex Profit Launcher software uses.
Most trading software out there would never do this. That’s because lots of  so-called systems are just smoke and mirrors behind the scenes. Not  Forex Profit Launcher!
You’ll get the complete system so you can trade it manually if you want. It’s the complete trading package.
So not only are we giving you your very own fishing machine, but we’re  also going to teach you how to fish for yourself. That way you can be confident that you’re learning how to trade forex on your own. You won’t have to be dependent on any software or “tips” from some guru somewhere. But as long you’ve got the software to take nearly all the  work out of the system, why the heck not use it?!
Now that you know what we’re offering you, we know exactly what’s on your mind. You want to know...
How Much Will It Cost You To Own Forex Profit Launcher?
Here’s where you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.
This software is solid. The trading system it’s based on is fantastic. We could charge $147 a month for this and it would still be a great deal. That’s probably obvious.
But we also know that most people either can’t or won’t pay that. Most  people won’t pay $97 a month either, although it’s clearly worth every  penny.
So we’re going to make this impossible for you to turn down.
You’ll get a lifetime of automatic trade notices that can kill your day job and finally give you the financial freedom  you’ve wanted for so long. And you won’t have to be a slave to your  computer while you’re doing it.
And you’ll get the complete system manual that shows you how to do it all yourself without our software, if you want to.
You’ll get the complete trading package for only $97 one time. No monthly fee, no games or tricks. You pay once, you profit forever.
You’re getting a complete trading system that you can almost run on autopilot. It’s so easy you’ll be shocked. And the results? Well, imagine making a profit 83% of the time. Not too bad, right?
And we’re taking all the risk away with our guarantee.
So the question you have to ask yourself is this — is it worth less than you probably spend on groceries for one month to change your life forever?
We think the answer’s obvious.
Here's all you need to do to open this door for yourself right now, and get  Forex Profit Launcher finding trades for you in a few minutes...
P.S. The biggest thing standing in the way of your forex success is a system that works, and a simple, easy way to use that system. That's why Forex Profit Launcher is the find of the decade for you. You can be trading profitably in minutes, as soon as the sofware finds a  trade... but it can't do that until you grab it!